Sunday, 25 September 2016

The race between Autumn and tomatoes


No matter how early in the year you start growing tomatoes, around now you always seem to be waiting to see whether they're going to have enough sun and warmth to ripen before the chill, dark days of Autumn.

Or whether they'll stay green until their plant dries out and then gets soggy and you just have to watch them rot. It's not good if dew and rain start appearing and the tomatoes are still looking like this:

In fact, with the changeable weather recently, there's been good news on the tomato front in my garden. This is what they've started to look like:

And several times, I've gone out into the garden and returned with quite a decent crop: 

But there's still plenty to play for. Some of the best plants are still looking like this: 

Please, just another few warm days, and it could be a bumper crop.